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Share Life

MAG Church
Small Groups

More than just sitting for two hours in church on a
Sunday, church is about sharing life together. MAG 
Church Small Groups are the way we gather during
the week around the table to be the people of Jesus in
our neighborhoods. This is how we follow Jesus together in


Live as family

As the family of God, we take time each week to meet together,  pray for one another, and share life together. Small Groups are formed with 10-15 people who journey together, loving and supporting each other in practical ways. This is where we share the bread and cup of communion; our kitchen tables become sacred spaces of celebration and remembrance of our hope in Jesus.

Become like Jesus

As disciples of Jesus, we order our lives around the lifestyle of Jesus. Each week we spend time praying together, holding honest conversation, and creating space for the Spirit to speak. We believe that spiritual formation takes place in community. Through deep relationship and accountability, we are able to transform our lives to become more like Jesus.

Serve our city

As the people following Jesus in our city, we get to share the gospel and serve our neighbors. Through everyday life, we are building a new humanity defined by the way of Jesus. We want to be people of hope and joy in a city of sadness and despair. We want to do what Jesus would do if he were us, partnering with God to see his Kingdom come and will be done in Medina as it is in Heaven.

Partner together
 on the journey
of discipleship

Join a
Small Group

If you are ready to join a MAG Small Group, the next step for you is to go through Next Steps to learn more about them. In this course we will discuss a vision for how to share life together and place you into a small group of people who fit your stage of life. We recommend that you attend each of our Next Steps as part of your path into a MAG Small Group .

Lead a
Small Group

MAG Small Group leaders serve as frontline leaders of our church. As they model a life of discipleship to Jesus, they lead their community in following Jesus together in Medina. If you are interested in learning more about leading a MAG Small Group, we would love to hear from you. We ask that our leaders attend each of our Next Step Courses, as well as Leadership Training as part of their path to MAG Small Groups.