A Homeschool Community of Music & Fine Arts

Mosaic School of Music & Fine Arts

MAG Church is excited for another year of Mosaic School of Music and Fine Arts!

Open House will be held at MAG Church on Thursday, August 10 at 7:00 p.m.
Reserve your student’s classes by paying the first semester at the open house to guarantee a spot!

We have a large percentage of homeschool students and families who want to grow in Christian character by glorifying God, and desire to develop their tools for effective worship and evangelism.   With that being said, MAG Church (830 Lafayette Rd, Medina, OH 44256) will be hosting  “Mosaic School of Music and Fine Arts.”

We will be offering classes in dance, music, art, science and sign language!

   Mosaic Info

First Semester:
Sept 20, 27, Oct 4, 11, 18, 25, Nov 1, 8, 15
(9 Wednesdays)

Payment for first semester is due Sept 20.

Second Semester:
Nov 29, Dec 6, 13, Jan 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7,
(skipping Dec 20 and 27 for Christmas).
(9 Wednesdays)

Payment for second semester is due Nov 29.

Third Semester:
Feb 14, 21, 28, March 6, 13, 20, April 3, 10, 17
(skipping March 27 for Easter week)
(9 Wednesdays)

Payment for third semester is due Feb 14.

Payment given directly to each teacher.
Cash or Personal Checks only.
*No credit or debit cards accepted*
$50 per student per class/per semester
 (some classes have lab or book fees)

It is strongly recommended that students enroll for all three semesters, since teachers set their classes up for a 27 week curriculum.

For more information please email Alisa.

Mosiac Schedule


Advanced Piano (9+)
Beginning Sign Language (8+)
  Art (ages 12-17)

Beginning Piano (8+)
Foundations in Personal Finance (11+)
Basic Art (6-11)  

Music for Little Mozarts (5-8)
Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics (10-13)

Biblical Connections with Food (9-15)
Advanced Mozarts Whacked on Rhythm (8+)

Choir (8+)
Budding Scientists (6-10)

Biology and the Bible with Dissection (12+)

Mosaic Classes

Biology in the Bible with Dissection.

(Ages 12 & up) - In this course our scientists will get a brief overview of the basics of biology and how it all plays into God’s creation. Some topics we will explore are cells, classification, plants, animals and ecology. As we study the morphology of creatures, we will dissect certain specimens to see our Creator’s wonderful craftmanship!
Science should never be boring! God made an amazing world, so join us and let’s discover it together!
Lab Fee will be determined

Music for little Mozarts

(Ages 5 - 8) Students will be introduced to appropriate piano instruction for their age level, such as finger numbers and moving up and down the keyboard, high and low sounds, quarter notes, rests and bar lines. Singing, rhythm and listening skills are developed along with an appreciation for a variety of musical styles. Piano or keyboard is highly recommended for home, but not necessary. Parents are encouraged to come to the first class.
Book Fee $10


Advanced Mozart

(Ages 8 & up) -No other musical training necessary.  In this class we will be learning some music theory such as the different type of notes and rests and how to read music on the printed page.  We will be learning different types of rhythm, how to play a steady beat, chords and bass patterns.  We will be learning about tempo and syncopation and listening to a variety of music.  This is a fun way to learn about music and praise God with these new instruments called boomwhackers.


(Ages 8 & up) - Come, praise the Lord through song!  Use your voice to blend with others in unison and using harmony. Students will learn vocal and breathing techniques, warm up exercises and music theory, along with singing a variety of music. Must have at least 5 students engaged in this class.

Beginner Sign Language

(Ages 6 & up) - Welcome to the world of sign language! Through American Sign Language (ASL) we will be having fun learning the basics, like the alphabet, words and phrases, animal and household signs and even using ASL grammar. We will be praising God all the way too, by learning how to sign worship songs, hymns and simple prayers.

Foundations in Personal Finance

(Ages 11 & up) In this class, we’ll follow the curriculum for Foundations in Personal Finance for Middle School Students by Dave Ramsey.  We’ll have teacher-led discussions along with class group assignments. Topics covered include: saving & budgeting, credit & debit, education, careers, & entrepreneurship, investment, insurance & identity theft, global economics, and marketing & consumerism.
Lab Fee: $5

Beginning Piano

(Age 8 & up) - Students will be learning about hand position, finger numbers, basic rhythms, musical terms and be introduced to all key names as well as learning to read music on the printed page. Piano students must have a piano or keyboard at home for daily practice. Mosaic will provide keyboards for classroom use.
Book Fee $10


Biblical Connections with Food

(Ages 9-15) Come on an adventure and learn what the Bible says about foods…after all, Jesus says that He is the Bread of Life!  Food universally connects all of us around the globe.  We will look at the history of food, where it is grown geographically, and how it is brought to the table.  We will not be cooking every class, but we will certainly learn fun facts, do food experiments and learn how to set a table.  Students will also learn to measure ingredients, follow simple recipes and even taste their own cultural delights!

Please inform Alisa Sandor if your student has food allergies before signing up for the class.

Lab fee $10

Advanced Piano

        Students should have previous experience with the piano and reading music in order to take this class.

Budding Scientist

(Ages 5-9) In this course our budding scientists will get a brief overview of the basics of science and how it all plays into God's creation.  Science should never be boring!  God made an amazing world, so join us and let's discover it together!  

Lab fee $5


Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

(Ages 10-13)  Physics and chemistry, on the most basic level, are how God put the world together and made it work.  What is matter, mixtures, motion, magnetism and machines?  Come and find out with us while we explore the Apologia's course using different experiments and fun interactives.  

Lab fee $10

Basic Art Class (new class for third semester)

( Ages 6-11)  In this art class the students will be learning the basic shapes and colors to begin.  As the class progresses we get into more creative projects and different forms of hands-on art approaches.  Lab fee $5  Students must bring a pencil and a sketchbook.

Art Class (new class for third semester) 

  (12-17) In this art class the students will start with learning the basic techniques when it comes to drawing and shading.  We then jump into learning how to create art from different perspectives!  At the end of the semester we will all end up putting together a portfolio of everything they have done for future endeavors.  Lab fee $5  Students must bring a pencil and a sketchbook

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