MAG University 

MAG U is a 7 week series that goes into a more academic approach to certain topics found in the bible. Because small groups shut down for the summer, we wanted to provide an place where people could learn about things that typically Sunday Services don't provide. This is why we started MAG U.  MAG U is help on Thursday nights in the summer for seven week at 7 pm. We also provide child care for any parents who may need that.  So, if you have been wanting to dig deeper into the word of God or just get clarity on certain topics, this is the class for you. Sign up happen in May. So be on the look out for out next sessions!

Get to know the Teacher

Pastor Adam is the lead Pastor of MAG Church. He is a graduate of Valor Christian College in Columbus, Ohio, and has a strong desire to see people rightly divide the word of God. MAG U is his way of helping people do just that. So, if you like having your faith strengthened and challenged, this is the class for you!

Helping you grow in your knowledge of scripture!

Click on the links below to download notes and audio from our previous classes.