Small Group

Do not let the fact that your home may not have the available space for a small group. We do not want that to stop you. In fact, we have a few families that enjoy opening their homes up for groups. If you are in need of a place to host, we will find you one. Please just specify in the box below.

Perhaps you are not able to teach, but you would love to help in other ways. Great! We have a couple other need we have beyond just leading. We need people who are willing to open their homes up to small groups that may not have a home to go too. You would only be opening your home up for roughly 6 week of the season you choose.

Child Care
We are always in need of someone who could help us out with kids. We wan to provide small groups that parent can come to that have small kids, but to do that we need someone who can help watch them for about an hour and a half throughout the season you select. A background check will be required for any adult watching kids. If you are interested helping in child care, please specify below.