Things to Know about 
Small Groups

Small Group are broken down into 3 seasons.

1. Fall
2. Winter
3 Spring.

Fall Season 

The Fall Season of Small groups go from September to November.

Winter Season

The Winter Season of Small Groups go from December to February.

Spring Season

The Spring Season of Small Group go from March to May.

MAG GROW | Spiritual Disciplines

MAG Grow introduces people to the concept of spiritual disciplines. Throughout the year, MAG will roll out a few practices  of the nine practices it hosts. 

Meet the Groups.

Allen Group

Meeting at the Church

Wilson Group

Meeting @

Klaehn Group

Meeting @

Hudson Group

Meeting @

What to expect
with Small Groups.

Small groups are meant to be a relaxed setting, usually at someone's home.
Groups typically have about 8-12 people in them; we do this to keep them
feeling small and intimate. They meet throughout the week, and the date and time
 is determined by the leader. Typically, all groups have some type of food involved.
The groups typically decides what that looks like. However, please know, you do not have to
provide anything to come.  Most groups meet every other week, but some do meet
more often. We also do sermon based studies. We find that this help people to connect to
the current sermon series better, and provides an opportunity to grow. This also
creates an atmosphere where people don't feel like they are missing out on anything
if we had people doing various studies on different topics. Now,If you are in need of child care,
we do have specific groups that provide that. So, just make sure as you register
that the group you are selecting is providing it.    

Small Groups