What a time this has been, huh? It seems like it has been forever since we have gathered together to worship in person in our physical location, but those days are soon coming to an end! With the Governor of Ohio continuing to lift restrictions on gatherings, we have decided to put together a game plan to open up both responsibly and safely as we phase into a new normal. With that said, this is why this page was created, to try and answer the various questions that come with our Welcome Home Relaunch that is scheduled to happen on Sunday, June 7th. 


With our Welcome Home Relaunch, we have decided to do this relaunch in three phases. Right now, we would be in phase one of this relaunch, which has a more strict observance to the social distancing protocols that has been issued by the state. Our goal in complying with this is simply to keep everyone as safe as we can by relaunching in a responsible way that is both respectful and informative . We understand that there are different feelings concerning this, but our main objective is to provide everyone with a safe environment that they can worship in. So we ask everyone to extend grace and mercy as we walk through this together. 

To read more on our phases, please check out our document linked here: WELCOME_HOME_DOC.pdf

Please know that this document is tentative and will be assessed and changed as we move forward. 



We will be hosting two services, one at 9:00 am and another at 11:00 am to accommodate everyone that feels comfortable coming back for in-person worship. In order to do this, we need everyone to register for which service they plan to attend. Seating is limited because of the social distancing measures in place. You can register online or by calling the office.


This is our main priority going forward. We understand that risk comes with any gathering that we may have at this time, but we want you to know that we are not taking that reality lightly. We want every family to know that we have taken every precaution to ensure that our environment is throughly cleaned and sanitized to make it safe upon your arrival. To help us with this, we have hired a professional cleaning crew to ensure that this is done properly!  A couple other things we will be doing to help with this will be:

- Offering Buckets - Will be placed throughout the building to collect tithes and offering. This will help us cut down on direct contact among people. We will still have our text to give option and online giving as well. 

- Hand Sanitizer Stations - We will have station set up all over the building to help you keep yourself sanitized.

- Coffee - We know that this church loves their coffee, but unfortunately, during this time, we are going to have to postpone the community coffee dispenser until further notice. You can still bring in your own coffee though! 

- Shaking Hands - We know that this is a tough request, but we feel it is an important one to make. We will not be shaking hands right now. Why? Because we love people and want to keep everyone safe. Eventually, this will be relaxed, but for the first phase we are asking everyone to not shake hands or hug.


Masks are not mandated to be worn if you plan on attending a service. However, if you would like to wear a mask, please do. If you do not have a mask, but would feel safer having one, we will have some available as supplies last.  


Our volunteers are vital to helping us achieve our desired results in relaunching and will be needed in the weeks to come as we learn to serve our community differently. 

We are asking all our volunteers who have direct contact with people to wear masks. We know that this can be a little inconvenient, but we feel it the best way to help keep the environment safe and relaxing for people. Remember, the key to being a volunteer is to be a servant, and if this helps people come in and find Jesus, it is worth it! 

Sunday Kids Ministries

During phase one, we will not be hosting our regular MAG Kids services. The reason for this is because we can't achieve the social distancing protocols in a safe and responsible way, which is primarily due to the size of our classroom. The other thing we run into is the problems MAG Kids dismissals cause with social distancing. We typically have parents stand and wait in a crowded, narrow hallway, which causes significant issues with our current distancing measures. Our goal is to revisit this decision in phase two. But for now, we are asking parents to keep their kids with them in the service. Pastor Aaron has put together a MAG Kids bag to keep them occupied during the service.

We know this can be taxing on parents, and we understand that you may have to wait a few more weeks before coming back, which is fine. Pastor Aaron will still be posting services online too.

Wednesday Night Ministries

During Phase one we will not be hosting Wednesday night ministries. By doing this, it help us come up with a game plan to relaunch that allows all of the parents, kids and teachers to know what is going. Pastor Daniel will be getting in touch with all of our ministry leaders to plan for our relaunch.