N E X T   S T E P S  |  S T E P  2

You have reached the first step in our Next Step Process. This step talks about your God given purpose and identity. Please watch the video below and follow along in your workbooks. If you do not have a workbook, you can find a PDF copy by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and downloading what you need. When you are finished, press the "submit" button. Once we receive your submission, you will receive an email detailing your next step. 

S T E P   TWO   V I D E O

S T E P   T W O   D O W N L O A D S

Below are a list of needed materials and resources that you will need to complete step two. 

This is the PDF copy of the Step One session. Click on step one to download the needed PDF.

                 STEP TWO

S T E P   T W O   C O M P L E T E

When you are finished with step two, please go ahead and click on the "submit" button on the form below, which will take you to a completion page. After we receive your completion,  you will be given a link to the next step.

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Extra Next Steps Info

Below are extra PDFs for Next steps that might come in handy.

  • Table of Contents

    If you're wanting to know the start pages of the Steps


  • Appendix

    This section has some auxiliary information about each Step and also the answers for each blank. next_steps_appendix.pdf