Mosaic School of Music & Fine Arts

MAG Church is excited to announce a new program called Mosaic School of Music and Fine Arts! Many of you are familiar with Psalmist School of Music and Fine Arts in the past.  Since the founders of this organization have recently retired, we strongly feel that the mission of Psalmist should go on, especially in Medina County.  

We have a large percentage of homeschool students and families who want to grow in Christian character by glorifying God, and desire to develop their tools for effective worship and evangelism.   With that being said, MAG Church (830 Lafayette Rd, Medina, OH 44256) will be hosting  “Mosaic School of Music and Fine Arts.” 

We will be offering classes in dance, music, art, science and sign language!

Important Dates & Times:

Starts September 22, 2021

Classes every Wednesday until Mid April

* Stay tuned for Fall 2021 Class schedules and times *

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Help us Spread the News!

While Psalmist Global is still active in various places around the world, “Mosaic” will be right here in Medina County. And even as your children have grown over the years, I am confident that your family received blessings from God in participating in Psalmist in the past. Let’s continue the blessings by spreading the word to new friends, relatives or neighbors who might just be waiting for a program like “Mosaic!”


Please take a look at some of the courses that Mosaic will offer. Below, you will find all the classes with a description attached to them.  

Mommy & Me

Intro to Worship Dance | (Ages 4-6)

Beginner Worship dance class starts with devotion & prayer. Focus is on movement, coordination, and listening skills to prepare them for Worship dance 1. Students are encouraged to repeat class to solidify skills, balance and execution of patterns. Moms are part of warm up and are integral during class and at home for practice. Best memories is what we do together:)

Biology in the Bible

(Ages 10 & up) - In this course our scientists will get a brief overview of the basics of biology and how it all plays into God’s creation.  Some topics we will explore are cells, classification, plants, animals and ecology. We will also have fun while looking through a microscope and performing a few experiments along the way. Science should never be boring! God made an amazing world, so join us and let’s discover it together! Lab Fee $5

Whacked on Rhythm with Boomwhackers 

(Ages 8 & upNo other musical training necessary.  In this class we will be learning some music theory such as the different type of notes and rests and how to read music on the printed page.  We will be learning different types of rhythm, how to play a steady beat, chords and bass patterns.  We will be learning about tempo and syncopation and listening to a variety of music.  This is a fun way to learn about music and praise God with these new instruments called boomwhackers.


(Ages 8 & up) - Come, praise the Lord through song!  Use your voice to blend with others in unison and using harmony. Students will learn vocal and breathing techniques, warm up exercises and music theory, along with singing a variety of music. Must have at least 5 students engaged in this class.

Beginner Sign Language

(Ages 5 & up) - Welcome to the world of sign language! Through American Sign Language (ASL) we will be having fun learning the basics, like the alphabet, words and phrases, animal and household signs and even using ASL grammar. We will be praising God all the way too, by learning how to sign worship songs, hymns and simple prayers.

Music for Little Mozarts

(Ages 5 - 8) Students will be introduced to appropriate piano instruction for their age level, such as finger numbers and moving up and down the keyboard, high and low sounds, quarter notes, rests and bar lines. Singing, rhythm and listening skills are developed along with an appreciation for a variety of musical styles. Piano or keyboard is highly recommended for home, but not necessary. Parents are encouraged to come to the first class. Book Fee $10

Budding Scientist

(Ages 5 - 9) - In this course our budding scientists will get a brief overview of the basics of science and how it all plays into God’s creation.  Science should never be boring! God made an amazing world, so join us and let’s discover it together! Lab Fee $5

Beginning Piano

(Age 8 & up) - Students will be learning about hand position, finger numbers, basic rhythms, musical terms and be introduced to all key names as well as learning to read music on the printed page. Piano students must have a piano or keyboard at home for daily practice. Mosaic will provide keyboards for classroom use. Book Fee $10

Beginning Sewing

(Ages 10 & up) will teach basic sewing skills such as threading needles, tying knots and sewing on buttons.  Students will be introduced to a variety of tools including sewing machines and irons. Lessons will include hand stitching as well as machine stitching.  The main project for this session will be a pillow case, along with some fun, smaller projects as they learn certain skills. Lab fee $5

Beginning Dissection (Ages 12+)

Dissection (Winter and Spring Session only) - Winter will be Basics in Dissection. We will learn the tools and techniques of dissection while dissecting a worm, clam, starfish, grasshoppers, fish and frog. Spring Dissection will continue with dissecting a sheep eye, brain, heart, kidney and fetal pig.  Each student will have their own specimens.

Dissection Lab Fee: $20

Worship Dance 1

    (Ages 6-9) 

This class is for students who desire to worship God with their whole heart, mind, & body. This class will teach the basics of Worship through interpretive dance and ballet technique. Flexibility, strength, & classical ballet are the foundation of movement to glorify our Heavenly Father.

Worship Dance 2

Second Period | (Ages 9-13)

In this class young dancers will learn how to worship the Lord through respectful and graceful movement. Focusing on worship dance, this class has integrated  contemporary and interpretive techniques to help students better understand the flow of movement. Flexibility, strength, & classical ballet are the foundation of movement to glorify our Heavenly Father.

Ballet Basics

Third Period | Ages 10 & UP

Those in Ballet Basics will learn the fundamental building blocks of Ballet while still learning how to worship our Heavenly Father through dancing. Students will strengthen and stretch their muscles, learn four essential ballet positions, six primary ballet movements, and learn a short routine to present at the end of the semester. 

Ballroom | Level 1

(Ages 12-18)

Class is for the absolute beginner, class will be quick, easy and fun. Ballroom class is fantastic for Teen social activities, and dances. Building confidence, coordination and social etiquette. Swing, Salsa and Waltz basics will be taught and will culminate into simple routines to be used at any social event, weddings, dances, etc. All music will be 95.5 friendly.

Healthy Meals, Happy Families

(Ages 7-15)

Class will focus on simple recipes from juicing, smoothies, to basic meat dishes like chicken, soups and stews for cold weather. 

Also a focus on "Mindful eating" a purposeful focus on healthy consumption. Thus ,bringing the family back to the table for meals and fellowship.