Mosaic School of Music & Fine Arts

MAG Church is excited to announce a new program called Mosaic School of Music and Fine Arts! Many of you are familiar with Psalmist School of Music and Fine Arts in the past.  Since the founders of this organization have recently retired, we strongly feel that the mission of Psalmist should go on, especially in Medina County.  

We have a large percentage of homeschool students and families who want to grow in Christian character by glorifying God, and desire to develop their tools for effective worship and evangelism.   With that being said, MAG Church (830 Lafayette Rd, Medina, OH 44256) will be hosting a five-week pilot program this spring called “Mosaic School of Music and Fine Arts.” 

We will be offering classes in dance, music, art, science and sign language!

Important Dates

Dates for this five-week program are April 15 to May 13, 2020, on Wednesdays starting at 9 a.m.  We will be having an open house on April 1 from 12:00-2:00 p.m. Come and check us out! 

Help us Spread the News!

While Psalmist Global is still active in various places around the world, “Mosaic” will be right here in Medina County. And even as your children have grown over the years, I am confident that your family received blessings from God in participating in Psalmist in the past. Let’s continue the blessings by spreading the word to new friends, relatives or neighbors who might just be waiting for a program like “Mosaic!”

Our hope is to have a full school year program beginning September 2020 for homeschooled students in our area.


Please take a look at the list of courses that Mosaic will offer during our 5-week pilot program. Below, you will find all the classes with a description attached to them.  

Beginner Sign Language

(Ages 5 & up) - Welcome to the world of sign language! Through American Sign Language (ASL) we will be having fun learning the basics, like the alphabet, words and phrases, animal and household signs and even using ASL grammar. We will be praising God all the way too, by learning how to sign worship songs, hymns and simple prayers.

Biology in the Bible

(Ages 10 & up) - In this course our scientists will get a brief overview of the basics of biology and how it all plays into God’s creation.  Some topics we will explore are cells, classification, plants, animals and ecology. We will also have fun while looking through a microscope and performing a few experiments along the way. Science should never be boring! God made an amazing world, so join us and let’s discover it together! Lab Fee $5

Budding Scientist

(Ages 5 - 9) - In this course our budding scientists will get a brief overview of the basics of science and how it all plays into God’s creation.  Science should never be boring! God made an amazing world, so join us and let’s discover it together! Lab Fee $5


(Ages 8 & up) - Come, praise the Lord through song!  Use your voice to blend with others in unison and using harmony. Students will learn vocal and breathing techniques, warm up exercises and music theory, along with singing a variety of music. Must have at least 5 students engaged in this class.

Beginning Piano

(Age 8 & up) - Students will be learning about hand position, finger numbers, basic rhythms, musical terms and be introduced to all key names as well as learning to read music on the printed page. Piano students must have a piano or keyboard at home for daily practice. Mosaic will provide keyboards for classroom use. Book Fee $10

Music for Little Mozarts

(Ages 5 - 8) Students will be introduced to appropriate piano instruction for their age level, such as finger numbers and moving up and down the keyboard, high and low sounds, quarter notes, rests and bar lines. Singing, rhythm and listening skills are developed along with an appreciation for a variety of musical styles. Piano or keyboard is highly recommended for home, but not necessary. Parents are encouraged to come to the first class. 

Beginning Sewing

(Ages 10 & up) will teach basic sewing skills such as threading needles, tying knots and sewing on buttons.  Students will be introduced to a variety of tools including sewing machines and irons. Lessons will include hand stitching as well as machine stitching.  The main project for this session will be a pillow case, along with some fun, smaller projects as they learn certain skills. Lab fee $5

Beginner Worship Dance

(Ages 6-11) For students who desire to worship God with their whole heart, mind and body.  Class is designed to teach the basics of Worship through interpretive dance and ballet technique.  Flexibility, strength and classical ballet are the foundation of movement to glorify our Heavenly Father.  *Prayer, Scripture, Fellowship and Christian music are the core of this class. Leotards and tights recommended, not required.  (Straight leg yoga pants and T-shirt optional)

Beginner Ball Room Dance

(Ages 12-18) Students will be introduced to basic steps of Waltz, Swing and Salsa.  The importance of Lead and Follow and how they relate to God’s order and His purpose will also be taught.  During 5 weeks of class we will develop a short choreographed group of steps that can be used in social settings or at home.  Class will prepare students for social activities, homeschool formals, dances, weddings, etc. Mrs. King has additional dance activities for students to fellowship and practice outside of class.  *Prayer, Scripture, Fellowship and Christian music are foundational to this class. Wear comfortable /flexible clothing, bring extra socks and a smile!

Visual Arts

(Ages 7 & up) Visual Arts is a study of color, shape, line, designs, patterns, form, perspective, etc., designed to enlighten the students to new forms of creativity and expression through art.  Lab fee $5