Our groups are divided into two distinct groups, spiritual formation and interest. Spiritual formation groups are designed with building and growing the spiritual person. They usually base there groups off of a book of the bible or a specific book that provides deep spiritual insights. These are great for people who are wanting to learn more about the Christian faith. 

  Interest groups on the other hand are groups specifically designed for people who may not be ready to commit to a spiritual formation group. We understand that not everyone is ready for such a commitment, and that is okay. These groups are with you in mind. We believe in relationship. It has been proven time and time again that people respond to relationship. The more you know someone the more your defenses come down. This is our attempt to do such a thing. These events are primarily for connection. At this time we are rolling out one group that will meet monthly, providing you different interests to be a part of. These groups are first steps into building relationship with each other. 

We are excited for this years life groups. If you are interested in any group but would like more info, please send an email to the leaders. They will be glad to answer any questions you might have. We believe Life Groups provide the life blood to MAG Church. We encourage everyone to be apart of one. We are excited to see what God does.


    Join this spiritual formation group as they journey through the book of James and learn what it mean to put your faith into action. 


    Are you interested in end time studies? If you are, this is the study for you. Join this spiritual formation group as they discuss the coming third temple, and how it will effect the future. 


    John is a book that bares a first hand account of someone who spent time with Jesus. This book was written by John, a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, and follows the remarkable journey of John into his realization into who Jesus is. Join this spiritual formation group as they dig deeper into this amazing gospel. 


    Have you ever wondered what Jesus really thinks about concerning certain things? In today's culture there are a ton of people telling us what Jesus likes, and especially what he doesn't. Hearing all of these opinions can make it confusing follow Jesus in 2017. Join us as we sift through the chaos and study the teachings and sayings of Jesus and see who Jesus really is.


    What comes to mind when you hear the word relationship?  Most probably think of ones they enjoy, others ponder ones that are difficult. The reality is that we all have relationships. What if you were given an opportunity to better your relationships? Would you take it? Join us as we dive deep, learning how to build lasting relationships. 


    Join this ages specific group as we embark on a spiritual journey together. These years bring a ton of life experiences that can be difficult to navigate through. For some, they are taking their first steps into adulthood, others are making a career choice that may be the defining decision of their lives, marriages begin, children are born, and life is happening. But in the mix, let's not forget about our spiritual health. What does it look like to carry Jesus into every area of our lives? 

Life Groups were designed with you in mind! These small, casual groups offer the best way for you to get connected here at MAG Church no matter your age or season of life. We focus on bringing the Bible and everyday issues together all the while building meaningful relationships. Life Groups also provide opportunities for community involvement. Register Below.